Self-Directed Work for School Closure

A message from the staff - we miss you!


For the last week of school, the 3rd class teachers set the Getty Art Challenge for their students and were so impressed with the results that we decided to extend it to the whole school. If you find yourself getting bored over the summer, why not try the challenge? The best entries will be displayed in the school in September.

At the beginning of lockdown the Getty Museum set an online art challenge. They asked for people to recreate their favourite artwork using three objects lying around their house. Art museums all over the world saw the great response they were getting and they joined in on the challenge too. People from all over the world have been having fun recreating all sorts of art works.

Your task is to go online and take a virtual tour of some art galleries and then, choose your favourite painting and get to work!

Some galleries for you to look at -
National Gallery of Ireland
Irish Museum of Modern Art
The Museum of the Netherlands
Getty Museum

Some examples of people's responses to the Getty Art Challenge to inspire you -
David Hockney

Nicholas Hilliard

René Magritte

Literacy Programme
Dolch List
Frys Sight Word Phrases
Spelling Menu
Core Spellings
Spelling Check Sheet
Poems for Reading Fluency
Play - In the Mirror
Play - The Giant
Play - Inside the Flying Saucer
Play - The Bremen Town Musicians
Play - Little Red Riding Hood
PEAR - Reading Evaluation
Reading Strategies
Cloze Procedures
More Cloze Procedures
Tips for Parents

Numeracy Programme
Addition and Subtraction
Problem Solving

More Ideas!
If you are still looking for things to do today -

Don't forget Mangahigh! Sandra is in the office every day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. - if you have forgotten your password, just send her an email.

Skype with a Relative
This can be a nice idea if you have a family member who may have to self-isolate or who you may not be able to visit. It’s a way for children to use oral language and it might be a nice kind of game to play to keep boredom away.

Ideas include:
1. Play 20 questions - take turns in thinking of an object and the other person can only ask questions which have a yes or no answer.
2. A-Z - Pick a topic and take turns in naming something beginning with A then B then C and see if you can get to Z Without skipping any letters.
3. The Big Interview - child prepares 10 questions they’d like to know about the relative and then asks them
4. More ideas here: www.fluentu.com

A 'Cupla Focail'
Even if you can’t speak Irish, there are some great ways to pick up some vocabulary. One really easy activity is to pick a topic, for example: food, household objects, colours, and so on, then write down 20 words associated with that topic in a list. Next go to www.focloir.ie and translate the words. The great thing is that almost every word on the website has an audio recording of it so you can listen to how to pronounce the words! As a family, you could try and learn a few words every day!

Another idea is to sign up to www.duolingo.com to learn some Irish - 5 to 10 minutes a day and who knows how fluent you’ll be when you get back!

Daily News
With the real news dominated by one topic, why not get the children to write their own news. You can create your own little newsroon on the kitchen table or use a green screen app on a phone or iPad and record them reading their news and then send the video to loved ones to keep in touch

Read a Book Together
Snuggle up on the couch and spend ten minutes reading for no other reason than the joy of reading a book. Of course, there are loads of benefits to reading every day but what a nice time to drop everything for a short time.

Family Tree
Make your family tree with your child. You can do this digitally or by hand and you can go back as far as you want!

A Sketch A Day
Create one sketch a day for the duration of the project. The only catch is you have to pick a theme. Some ideas -

Puppet Show
Making a puppet show can be a fun way to spend some time and there’s lots of different ways to do it now.
  1. Make a sock puppet - www.youtube.com
  2. Make finger puppets - www.youtube.com
  3. Make an online Puppet Show - Puppet Pals App
The main thing is to write the scripts and record them! If you have a puppet show stage, great; if not, use a table to hide underneath!

Work on your reading strategies
Try this fun website - www.ecb.org

Go exploring!
Use the National Geographic kids website

Make a Stop-Motion Animation
Full instructions on the ACMI website

Learn to Code
Visit www.code.org for some really good coding classes

Play the Ukulele
Check out the Rockjam website to learn how to play this fun instrument.

Visit the Zoo
Dublin Zoo have lots of great webcams to show you live feeds of the animals. They also let you know the feeding times.

Don't forget to get some exercise!

Try out as many of these exercises outside (keeping social distance!) that you can -

HIIT Homework
Stick on your favourite upbeat playlist and try out these exercises one after the other.
To give yourself a bigger challenge, do each circuit twice or three times or more!

Session 1 - 5 x 25 Session 2 - legs moving Session 3 - up and down
  1. 25 jumping jacks
  2. 25 squats
  3. 25 seconds run on the spot
  4. 25 push ups
  5. 25 seconds plank
  1. 30 seconds run on the spot
  2. 30 seconds high knees
  3. 30 seconds jumping jacks
  4. 30 seconds butt kicks
  5. 30 seconds jog on the spot
  1. 30 seconds jumping jacks
  2. 30 seconds mountain climbers
  3. 30 seconds run on the spot
  4. 30 seconds plank
  5. 0 seconds burpees!


Have a family disco - stick on your favourite tunes and bop around the room for 20 minutes!