It is finally the time of year again when one of the best competitions arrive - SCRATCH. Scratch is a competition where you try and make a educational game for your school. And if you're lucky enough, you get to work on your game for a couple of weeks while Sandra inspects you on how good you are at coding. She will then pick a handful of people to develop their games with better graphics. I interviewed two students trying to get into Scratch - Lacey and David
Q.1 Is this your first time doing scratch,.....No, I tried out in third class.

Q.2 What is your game about? It's about a jedi in a death star that kills stormtroopers by answering maths questions.

Q.3 What makes you interested in scratch? Having fun with friends and coding.
Good luck Lacey and David and thank you for letting me interview you. Ratoath senior national school won scratch two years in a row and lets make it three. by