This book of records was the idea of Sarah O'Hara and was established in June 2010 by Miriam Hayes' School Government as our legacy and a way to celebrate the achievements and spirit of the school.
We hope that future years take up the challenge of breaking existing records and establishing new ones.

In order for a record to be included in the School Book of Records it has to be
a) Measurable - e.g. time taken to run a certain distance
b) Objective - so the ‘best singer’ could never be a record but the ‘longest sustained note’ or the ‘largest choir’ could be
c) Officially witnessed - by a member of staff or the School Government

Greatest Achievement in Boys Senior Gaelic FootballNovember 2013County Champions
May 2012Fingal League Champions
May 2010Fingal League Champions
May 2007Fingal League Champions
Greatest Achievement in CamogieJune 2013Meath Champions
June 2012 Meath Champions
June 2011 Meath Champions
June 2010Meath Champions
June 2009Meath Champions
Greatest Achievement in SoccerApril 2015North Leinster Champions
Greatest Achievement in Girls Gaelic FootballMay 2012Fingal League Champions
May 2010Fingal League Champions
May 2009Fingal League Champions
May 2006Fingal League Champions
Greatest Achievement in Boys Junior Gaelic FootballMay 2011Fingal League Champions
May 2010Fingal League Champions
Fastest Girl in Third ClassTrisha MislangA time of 6.97 secs was recorded over a distance of 50m on the 7th of June 2013
Fastest Boy in Third ClassTom KilgannonA time of 7.19 secs was recorded over a distance of 50m on the 7th of June 2013
Fastest Girl in Fourth ClassEmma BradyA time of 6.69 secs was recorded over a distance of 50m on the 7th of June 2013
Fastest Boy in Fourth ClassDaniel O'MearaA time of 6.34 secs was recorded over a distance of 50m on the 7th of June 2013
Fastest Girl in Fifth ClassIvie OkomeA time of 5.79 secs was recorded over a distance of 50m on the 7th of June 2013
Fastest Boy in Fifth ClassAdam ClarkeA time of 5.92 secs was recorded over a distance of 50m on the 7th of June 2013
Fastest Girl in Sixth ClassAine CooneyA time of 6.31 secs was recorded over a distance of 50m on the 7th of June 2013
Fastest Boy in Sixth ClassJosh LyttleA time of 5.84 secs was recorded over a distance of 50m on the 7th of June 2013
Short Foot PassesOisin Kelly and Jude Lovett56 - December 2015
Badminton Keepy-UppysCiaran Rogers120 - December 2015
Ping-Pong Keepy-UppysDarragh Wallace522 - December 2015
Push-Ups on a FootballTom Kilgannon25 - December 2015
Most Baskets Scored in a MinuteTom Kilgannon and Liam Kelly29 basketball baskets - December 2015
Most Baskets Scored in a RowTom Kilgannon100 basketball baskets - December 2015
Most 'Yo-Yo'sFergus Comerford180 - December 2015
Most Hand-PassesSean Looney and Oisin Kelly125 passes in 1 minute - December 2015
Basketball BouncesTom Kilgannon262 in 1 minute - December 2015
Most Keepy-UppysCian Crawford69 - December 2015
Longest PlankingTom Kilgannon6 minutes 2 seconds - December 2015
Most Hurling Keepy-UppysMark Wallace300 - December 2015
Most Butterfly-Jump SkipsHannah Carr and Tabitha Mbemba26 continuous skips - December 2015
Most Double-Under SkipsTom Kilgannon24 continuous skips - December 2015
4 People Skipping on a Long RopeBen Fit, Freya Pembroke, Orlagh O'Neill and Joshua Olaseni33 continuous skips - December 2015
Double Skipping - Long RopeFreya Pembroke and Orlagh O'Neill140 skips - December 2015
Double Skipping - Short RopeFreya Pembroke and Caoimhe Fitzsimons35 skips - December 2015
Backward SkippingCaoimhe Fitzsimmons100 continuous skips - December 2015
Longest Long Rope SkippingCian Crawford143 continuous skips - December 2015
Longest Single Rope SkippingHanna Carr363 continuous skips - December 2015
Most Consecutive CartwheelsEmily Clegg120 - September 2014
Most Hula HoopsElla Duff3 complete revolutions with 24 hoops - November 2013
Fastest TumblingOisin O'FarrellA time of 40.82 secs was recorded over a distance of 50m on the 7th of June 2013
Longest Pogo Stick JumpingCiara Eiffe10 minutes 2 seconds - April 2013
Fastest Pogo Stick JumpingAine Cooke70 jumps in 30 seconds - April 2013
Fastest GP RelayAoife Tormey, Dean Whelan, Aaron O'Neill and Leah McDonald28 circuits in 5 minutes - January 2013
Hip Hop HurdleMichael QuinnHopped over hurdle the height of his hip - January 2012
Fastest Unicycle Lap of the G.P. hallDavid Tyrell26 seconds - January 2012
Longest Figure-8 SkipLaoise Corcoran
Isobel Feeney
Colm Halpin
Marina Kelly
Elizabete Maza
Benita Mbemba
Nyah Mulreany
Clodagh O'Farrell
576 skips - January 2012
Most Foot ClapsMichael Quinn60 claps in 30 seconds - December 2011
Greatest Achievement in BasketballMay 2010The Girls Team win the County Final
Largest Cycling EventMay 2010The School Cycles to the Camogie Final
Most Football PushupsSam Burke5 from standing each time - June 2010
Longest Hula HoopSarah O'Hara39 minutes and 57 seconds - June 2010
Fastest Time for 100 Basketball BouncesPeter Barry26.15 seconds - June 2010
Bord Gais Student Theatre AwardsJohn O'ConnellBest Male Performance - 2016
Doodle for Google WinnerCillian SlatteryAll-Ireland Winner - 2016
Doodle for Google FinalistAnya Clarke Carr2016, 2015
Junior Painter AwardsAnya Clarke CarrAll-Ireland Winner - 2013
Longest Continuous SingingElla Duff28 min 35 sec - October 2012
Largest Visual Arts ProjectCentenary MuralsAfrican Mural (180cm x 252cm) and Ratoath Mural (244cm x 366cm) - June 2011
Poster Competition WinnersLeila Clarke CarrRenault/R.T.E. - September 2011
Ciara WalshTAMA - March 2016
Shona BeedallTayto Park - February 2016
Toby Clarke Carrle Crunch - March 2011
Patrick BranaganTexaco - Spring 2011
Leila Clarke CarrFuntasia - October 2010
Largest Drama EventCentenary Shows23 Shows with 592 participants - June 2011
Longest Sustained NoteKatie Byrne18.84 seconds - June 2010
Highest Place Attained in an gCumann Scoildrámaíochta National CompetitionAn Breadan FeasaWins first place in May 2008
Brain Powerphotos
Fastest Time to Solve Rubik's CubeEugene Xiao Chen54 seconds - May 2016
ICS Scratch CompetitionEmma Scully and Lara EiffeNational Champions - April 2016
Bord Gais Student Theatre AwardsDaniel DunneBest Critique - 2016
RDS Primary Science FairStep It UpJanuary 2014
World Science DayIrish ChampionsOctober 2015
Irish ChampionsMarch 2013
World Spelling DayIrish ChampionsOctober 2015
Irish Maths WeekNational ChampionsOctober 2015
Most WebpagesWebmasters 11/1294 pages - June 2012
Highest School Maths AchievementBritish Isles Champions - MangahighOctober 2011
Most Mangahigh MedalsJonathan Browne178 Gold Medals - October 2012
All-Ireland Maths MedalDarragh McPartlinMay 2011
Long Distance Class Mathletics ChampionsLoraine Butler's Class376,228 correct answers in practice month of 2011
Fastest Sprinter MathleteDarragh McPartlin94 correct answers in 60 seconds - March 2011
Class Readathon ChampionsFinbar McGreevy's Class32,381 pages read in Easter 2010
Long Distance Mathletics ChampionGillian Marks90,856 correct answers in the practice month of 2010
Fastest Saying AlphabetMolly Coulter2.95 seconds - January 2016
Most Jumpers on One StudentChantel Chukwuezi and Ciara Walsh11 jumpers - September 2014
Most Hair Bobbins WornCara Reidy, Sinead McCarthy, Eibha O'toole and Aisling Doyle90 - September 2014
Smallest Origami CraneJude O'Toole0.5cm x 0.7cm x 0.3cm - January 2014
Longest Daisy ChainAlba Walsh, Holly Carroll and Ciara Walsh50 daisies - May 2013
Most Coats on One StudentAndrew Larkin, Darragh Hynes, Troy Jackson and Josh Hartnett10 coats - May 2013
Longest No Hands Piggy BackNicola Gibson and Sophie McLoughlin3 minutes 14 seconds - April 2013
Longest Time Without BlinkingAine Cooke8 minutes 43 seconds - April 2013
Longest Elastic Band StringKate Corcoran, Aine Cooke and Emily Dooley592 meters(twice around the school or 9,866 elastic bands!!) - April 2013
Largest Rubber Band BallKate Corcoran, Aine Cooke and Emily Dooley15.5cm in diameter - October 2012
Longest Conga LineCiara, Hannah and Katie38 people - January 2012
Fastest Nostril FlaresDarragh Hynes42 flares in 10 seconds - January 2012
Most Twins and Triplets in a Year18 children:
Simon and Peter Barry
Megan and Katie Browne
Cormac and Pierce Butler
Ruairi, Niamh and Eabha Gannon
Rebecca and Mathew Mahon
Alison and Aoife McMorrow
Naomi and Arnoh Mbemba
Ellen, Sarah and Joey Roche
Sixth Class 2011-2012
Carrying the Most BooksHannah Talbot and Melina O'Meara36 books - December 2011
Largest Carton PyramidDavid Dorney, Hannah Talbot, Kevin Ryan and Michael Quinn150 Muller Rice Cartons - December 2011
Longest Line of BricksMichael Quinn, Evan McBrinn and Conor Kavanagh649 bricks - December 2011
Tallest ShoesBreanne Madden36 cm - December 2011
Most Ear WigglesCal Henderson58 wiggles in 30 seconds - November 2011
Smallest BananaHannah Fitzroy and Katie Byrne9.5cm - November 2011
Longest Time Without MovingThe Giant Blue Chimpandazees - Lewis, Lee, Glenn and Simon38 minutes - November 2011
Greatest Height Difference between Best FriendsLua Henderson and Becky Mahon36cm - November 2011
Shortest Girl in Sixth ClassBecky Mahon134cm - November 2011
Smallest Feet in Sixth ClassMichael TaylorChildren's Size 12 - November 2011
Longest Time without SmilingGlenn McNally and Ben Mahon3 hours 25 minutes - October 2011
Fastest Time to Scoot around the SchoolRonan Cahill50.2 seconds - September 2011
Tallest Boy in the SchoolCalvin Kavanagh6ft - June 2010
Longest Continuous Human LineClaire Donnellan's Class51.5 metres - June 2010
Fastest Time to Eat a BananaEoghan Maughan5.58 seconds - June 2010
Fewest Bites to Eat an AppleEoghan Maughan2 bites - June 2010