The New Third Classes
The new third classes have been in the senior school since September and they all have been
enjoying it so far. There are four teachers in third class. They are Mr McGreevy, Ms Kearney, Ms Pullen and
Ms O'Brien. The third classes had already seen the senior school before when they were in second class.

I have interviewed one person from each of the third classes. From Mr McGreevy's class I chose Cian Lyons,
from Ms O'Brien's class I chose Melanie Lynch, from Ms Pullens's class I chose Sam Rogers and from Ms Kearney's
class I chose Imogen Eyre.
Here is a picture of the new third classes. Scroll below to read the interview.

Q1.What is your favourite part of the Senior School?
Cian:The PE hall . Melanie:The Computer room . Sam:The Computer room . Imogen:Seomra Scealai

Q2.Do you get more homework in the Senior School?
Cian:Yes . Melanie: Yes . Sam: Definitely . Imogen:100% yes

Q3.Do you like your new classes?
Cian: Yes. Melanie: Yes. Sam:Yes. Imogen:For sure

Thank you for reading my page about the new third classes in the Senior School(: