In December, Miss Hall's fifth class put on a production of "Santa Goes To The Carribean"
I interviewed Aisling who played "Marigold"

I asked her some questions......
Q: How long did it take to rehearse......
A: About a month
Q: Who was your favourite character
A: It was either Tingolayo or Griselda
Q: Would you do it again?
A: Yes! it was really fun
Q: Were you nervous the first preformance?
A: Yes, I think everyone was
Q: If you could be one character who would you be?
A: Tinglolayo definitely!
Q: Would you like to go to the witch school?
A: Yeah, it would be fun
Q: Would you pursue a career in acting?
A: I would like to but i probably won't
Q: Did you like this interview?
A: Yes, I enjoyed it very much