Lunchtime Logic
Every Friday, our secretary, Sandra, sets tricky puzzles for each class to solve. These are called Lunchtime Logic. Sandra gives out the questions at the start of our first break known as little break. The classes only have until 2:30 to hand in their answers. The teachers can give help to the children if they wish but Sandra does not recommend doing so, because if they make it to the final they can not help. At the end of the day, Sandra will announce which classes got the answer right. Each time a class gets the answer right they get a point. Whichever classes have the most points by the end of the year end up in the final. Whichever clas wins the final gets to play quaser in Leisure Plex with their class (they also get to shoot their teacher!)
Every one in Ratoath SNS loves Lunchtime Logic. It's very exciting finding out which puzzle we have today. We are to thank Sandra for making up these amazingingly fun Lunchtime Logic questions.Thank you Sandra! by