Hi! This is Pokemon and Ms Campions 6th class is entering the J.E.P.programme. J.E.P stands for Junior Entrepeneur Programme, this programme teaches
children about how to start their own business, the ideas are endless on what you can sell/do, this includes eco products, accessories, sweets, toys etc.

The J.E.P. programme will focus on 12 weeks to learn what an entrepeneur is and does, what product to sell what materials are needed and more.
From week 1 to week 6 the class will find out and learn about entrepeneurs, identify their skills and strengths and study the buisness market.

From week 7 to week 11 the class will start their buisness and focus on designs,the cost of the products/service and how/where to make the product/service
And then finally on week 12. The class will sell their product/service and then evaluate on what they have learned.

To learn about buisness, the class invited a current entrepeneur (James Blakwell) to visit the school. James gave them tips and guidance for buisness.
The class thought of ideas on what to sell/make for buisness, and then rounded it down to the 5-7 best recommended products.
The dragons/judges told the class their opinions on whose was the best, and positive pencils had the best profit calculations

Next term, the class will research more on the average price of the item/service and how popular it is, afterwards the class will use their skills
to create their product/service and finally show and sell the official item/service.
Thank you for reading. Enjoy your day!