Harry Potter Launch

Every year, Sandra hosts a Harry Potter party for all the fourth classes.
If you are in fourth class and would like to attend, you have to go to Sandra's office at break time or at the start of the day and she will quiz you on the books you have read.
If you pass the quiz, Sandra will give you a sticker or stickers that you stick in your journal.
If you collect all seven stickers, you will be given a badge by Sandra.
This is called a Horcrux badge.
It is black and has all the Horcruxes on it.
The Harry Potter party is usually held at the end of the year in the P.E. hall.
Before the party, you will be given wizard money like Galleons, Sickles and Knuts by Sandra's wizard friends from the secondary school.
You don't have to do all the quizzes. To get an invite,you only have to do one but the more quizzes you do, the more money you get to spend at the party.
Here are some pictures of the classes: