Classes on the Pitch
Hi! This is Meath Man and I am not doing gaelic this term, so you can read about something else. I am doing classes on the pitch because
I thought it was a good idea. The pitch was there but we weren't allowed play on it. If it weren't for a few boys called Senan, Emmet, Eoghan and Matthew
we wouldn't be on it today. People were getting bored on yard and Matthew suggested that they went to our Principal, and they decided to ask if they
could bring a football on yard to play with. Ms Butler said that 5th and 6th class could have one day each, Wednesday's for 5th and Thursday's for 6th.
Senan, Emmet and Eoghan decided to do stations which are soccer match, over the bar, penalties and other games, the boys are hosting the activities.
Everyone loves playing on the pitch. Well done guys!
Skipping on Yard
There are also skipping ropes on yard and every class has a skipping rope to play with. You can play Helicopter, normal skipping or do whatever you want.
People play different games like tag pole to pole or even talk while others play with the skipping ropes. I think it is a good to have a different
variety of things to do, I hope this will keep on going. Thank you for reading my page I hope you enjoyed it, see you next time!

Matthew, Eoghan, Emmet and Senan