In our school, we do LOTS of things around Christmas time. Here are a few of them. A week or two before our Christmas holidays, Christmas annuals are sold. There is a different annual for every year.
This year, for the first time, on the 18th of December, everyone went down to the hall to sing some Christmas carols. Every year group sang one Christmas song and played one tinwhistle song. This year, we had a Christmas choir too! They sang lots of Christmas songs! Our school also does some amazing art around Christmas time! Here is some of the art around the school.
This year, we also had a Christmas door art competition! Every door was decorated with something to do with Christmas. Whichever door was the best, would win!
The winner in third class was Ms. O'Brien's door, the winner in fourth class was Ms O'Brien's door, the winner in fifth class was Ms. Hayes' door, the winner in sixth class was Ms. O'Flaherty and the SEN door winner was Ms. Donnellan. Well done! All the winning classes got a homework pass!
On the 19th and 20th of December, our school had a Christmas jumper day! Everyone in school got to wear their Christmas jumpers into school! You had to pay 2 euro to wear in your jumper.
Everyone had amazing fun!
Merry Christmas everyone!